C for Chainsaw

For most woodturners the power tool that can do them the most personal damage is the chainsaw. Surprisingly it is also the tool that they are least likely to have had any training on.

In order to avoid head, eye, hand and foot injuries and to protect hearing appropriate personal protective equipment is required.  As a minimum a helmet with a face visor and hearing protection should be worn. Safety shoes offer better protection for feet than wellies. Stout gloves will help protect the hands. Purpose made multi-layered trousers are available but long stout trousers are the minimum - shorts are definitely out!

Have a full First Aid box available close to the working area, know the location you are working at and have means to summon help if required. Do not work on your own - have someone within shouting distance who can offer assistance if required.

LEARNING POINT - Use a stable support such as a Sawing Horse

- DO NOT steady timber with your foot!

Trevor Branton