E for Electricity

This month we take a look at something which is a familiar and necessary part of life in the workshop, however, electricity can kill or severely injure us or cause extreme damage to our property.  The 230 volt electricity supply to our homes has sufficient power to cause death by electrocution or cause injuries from electric shock, burns and falls.

Electric shock causes loss of muscular control which is particularly dangerous if there is a risk of the victim falling from height. Electric shock can also severely affect the breathing process.

Our first priority is to ensure that the electrical supply to the workshop and the electrical installation inside it is adequately undertaken and provides us with an appropriate level of protection. Since 2005 this work has been required as part of the Building Regulations and is known as Part P. Electricians qualified to Part P are able to undertake this work and issue certification that the work has been undertaken to the required standard.

Never ever overload sockets, a safe assumption is to use only one plug in each socket and to ensure that the total output of all plugs in any adapter does not exceed its power rating.

LEARNING POINT  - DON'T take risks with electricity

- it is a good friend but can easily catch out the unwary.

Trevor Branton