Q for Questioning Attitude                    

Q is for Questioning Attitude and how we can use it to minimise injury to ourselves and others.

All too often we find ourselves pushed for time as we try to get our projects finished. It is difficult not to think that we have 'Too much to do - too little time to do it' and react to it by adopting a 'Push on and damn the consequences' attitude. Unexpected interruptions to our working time only make this situation worse.

If we adopt a Questioning Attitude (QA) we consciously review what we are setting out to do, how we are going to do it, what might go wrong and how we prevent injury to ourselves and others.

An example of using this process might be when preparing to and turning a bowl asking yourself the following questions.


The best way of protecting ourselves is to identify and then minimise

the risks which we will expose ourselves to when working with wood.