Z for Zero Accident Target       


This month we look at Z which is for a Zero Accident Target.

When the concept of a target of zero accidents was first introduced some years ago it prompted initial comments that this would be unachievable. However, when we consider this issue we can see that it makes a lot of sense to aim to minimise accidents which are invariable going to hurt us or cause damage to equipment or workpieces.

Let us first consider what an accident may involve.

Many of us receive minor injuries which are treatable by first aid in the home, however, there is invariable some degree of pain or discomfort and loss of working time to attend to the injury.

Those of us who are injured sufficiently badly enough to require medical treatment by professional staff at a doctor's surgery or local Accident and Emergency clinic are likely to experience significant pain, longer recovery times and appreciable time off work.

Two years ago, worldwide, three turners were fatally injured in separate incidents whilst woodturning. The affect of these accidents would not have been limited to those killed but could also have impacted on family, friends, fellow woodturners and club members to name but a few.

Accidents that do not result in personal injury may involve the loss of valuable workpieces or damage to expensive equipment.

Our look at Total Loss Control illustrated that the real cost of accidents is generally significantly more than we would initially estimate.

Therefore we can see that it is worthwhile taking time and trouble to work safely and seeking to minimise the chance of being hurt in an accident in our workshop. Whilst we may not always achieve zero accidents our woodturning experience should benefit from being involved in fewer incidents and suffering consequentially less pain, disruption to our work and financial loss.